Song Junkies music “In A Blink” by Lindsay Tomasic is featured in the trailer for the 2016
Tom Hanks film “A Hologram For The King”. It is audible from 0:50 to 1:15.

Frameworks Music from FWM62 – “Caliente Guitars” is featured in this ad for Dos Equis beer in celebration
of Cinco De Mayo!

A track from FWM46 Island Hopping made it into a national commercial in Australia for M&M’s The track “Aloha Oe”

Music from FWM44 Creature Comforts is used in this “Call Of Duty” video game commercial. The track “Have A Great Day”

This Buzz Feed video features a Frameworks Music solo piano piece by Novi Novog “Phillips Glasses”

One of our great percussion tracks made it into this stunning Superbowl 2014 commercial for the iPad air. This commercial features voice over by Robin Williams.

Music from our album “Motivations & Dreams” is featured at the top of this trailer for the film “22 Jump Street”

This Buzz Feed Video features a selection from our album “Gypsy Jazz”

For two years running, Frameworks has been in the spotlight with McDonalds and their Shamrock shake.

Frameworks made a splash recently in Europe with this Sodastream commercial.

Frameworks enjoyed having its music used for the main title of  PBS “Life Part Two” for its two seasons.